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ADS-B Serial Output RS-232 Interface

ADS-B Serial Output RS-232 Interface

  • $ 50


Display ADS-B data on your EFIS or MFD (experimental aircraft only) using this RS-232 interface cable. ADS-B information is sent in industry standard GDL-90 format. Supports baud rates from 9600 - 115200. Defaults to 38,400 on FlightView.


  • USB to RS-232 adapter (bare wire)

Note: You may need additional components to connect this cable with your display system. DB-9, DB-15, DB-25 and similar connectors are available from multiple vendors. Please see here for some components.

The typical installation only requires two wires - Tx and ground. The Tx wire on the cable connects with an Rx pin on the EFIS or MFD. Ground connects to a ground pin on the EFIS.


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