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USB GPS Receiver

USB GPS Receiver

  • $ 45


This WAAS-capable USB GPS allows you to locate your FlightBox off of the glare shield. It connects to a USB port on your FlightBox's main board.

Features / Benefits:

  • More precise than most tablet GPS receivers
  • Locate your FlightBox some place cooler than the glare shield
  • 5' cable
  • 50 channels
  • 35 second cold start
  • -40° F to +185° F operating range

Compatible With:

  • FlightView v1 / v2
  • FlightBox Pro (all versions)
  • Stratux ADS-B Receivers

Note: FlightView v3 and later use a different GPS receiver device.

Note: This GPS includes a magnetic base. Do not locate within 12" of your magnetic compass without first removing the magnet.

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