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FlightBox: Dual-band ADS-B, WAAS GPS

FlightBox: Dual-band ADS-B, WAAS GPS

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In-Flight Weather, Traffic & GPS Receiver



  • Dual-Band ADS-B Receiver (assembled, tested)
  • High-gain 978 MHz and 1090 MHz antennas
  • 3' high power USB cable
  • 1 year warranty


FlightBox Dual Band is an in-flight weather and traffic receiver with integrated WAAS GPS. It receives ADS-B data over both the UAT 978 MHz band and the 1090-ES band, with support for uplink weather and traffic data from FAA ground towers and for direct ship-to-ship traffic from both 1090-ES and UAT-equipped aircraft.


  • ADS-B Weather
  • ADS-B Traffic
  • GPS


  • Weather: METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, PIREPs, winds / temps aloft
  • Flight Data: TFRs, NOTAMs, special use airspace updates
  • Traffic: Direct traffic from all ADS-B Out equipped aircraft. Rebroadcast traffic from FAA ground towers*
  • GPS: WAAS-capable GPS provides precise position, altitude, ground speed, ground track, vertical speed, and rate of turn to your EFB or EFIS
  • Works with: WingX Pro, Droid EFB, FlyQ EFB, Aerovie, iFly GPS, FltPlan Go, Avare, Naviator, AvNave, AvPlan EFB, OzRunways, True Flight, iFlightPlanner, ForeFlight**, and most other EFB applications.
  • Free iOS and Android apps for configuration and management

    ** Please note that Open Flight Solutions is not affiliated with or endorse by this application vendor. Interoperability has been independently confirmed by third party users of the software.

    GPS: The integrated GPS is a 48 channel WAAS capable receiver. The GPS is available in two configurations: in internal receiver (the receiver and antenna are inside the box) or a remote receiver (the receiver and antenna connect to the box using a 5' USB cable). Select the internal option for maximum portability. Select the remote option if you plan to mount your FlightBox someplace without a direct view of the sky (i.e. not on the glare shield). Use the option selector above to choose internal or remote.

    Fully Assembled System: Unless you specify otherwise, FlightBox ADS-B is shipped fully assembled, tested, and ready to run. Simply power it up and fly.

    Kit Option: If you would prefer to assemble your FlightBox system from a kit, please check the "DIY Assembly (Kit)" option above. Please note that the warranty for kits is 90 days and that assembled kits cannot be returned.

    One Year Warranty: All factory assembled FlightBox systems come with a one year warranty and one year of technical support.

    Options / Add-Ons

    Power: FlightBox ADS-B includes a three foot USB power cable. FlightBox does not include an internal battery or 12v / 24v adapter. Open Flight Solutions offers a 12v / 24v adapter for an additional $15. If you need a fully portable system we offer a 5+ hour USB battery pack. To add either the adapter or the battery, check the appropriate check-box at the top of the page.

    Remote Antenna Mount: Locate your FlightBox someplace cool and out of the way. Our remote antenna mount kit includes a suction cup bracket and a pair of five foot extension cables that make it easy to relocate your FlightBox off the glare shield. You can find the Remote Antenna Mount in our catalog under 'Accessories'.

    If you want to remote mount your FlightBox, be sure to select the "Remote GPS" option.

    Glare Shield Friction Mount: Keep your FlightBox steady on the glare shield with our friction mount. Perfect for renters who can't Velcro the box directly to the glare shield. You can find the Glare Shield Friction Mount in our catalog under 'Accessories'.

    For details and product specifications, please see the FlightBox Dual Band product page. This product is covered by the Open Flight Solutions warranty.

    * The FAA currently requires an ADS-B Out signal to trigger the transmission of ADS-B traffic rebroadcast (TIS-B / ADS-R). If your aircraft is not ADS-B Out equipped, your view of traffic will be limited. ADS-B traffic is advisory only.

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