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FlightBox Case for Stratux DIY

FlightBox Case for Stratux DIY

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The FlightBox case is made from ultra strong Boltaron, an impact-resistant plastic that is engineered to take the UV, heat, and vibration of an aircraft glare shield. The FlightBox case includes:

  • Case (light or medium gray)
  • 40mm x 10mm cooling fan
  • Mounting hardware for Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 (Model B)
  • Mounting holes for two 1/4" bulkhead-mount SMA connectors
  • Through-holes for direct MCX connections to the SDRs
  • Mounting for a 40mm x 40mm x 10mm fan
  • Snap-out for remote USB GPS connection
  • 3x 1/4" #4-40 screws for the case top
  • 4x 1/4" #4-40 pan head screws for the Pi
  • 4x 5/8" #4-40 flat-head screws + nuts for the fan

Fan Specs

The 40mm x 40mm x 10mm fan helps keep your system cool. Built for use in high temperature applications, the fan features:

  • Near silent operation
  • Ball bearing construction
  • 70,000 hour MTBF

Comes pre-wired to connect with the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi. Connects to pin 4 (+5v) and pin 6 (ground).

Options: Replace the stock flat case top with the new AHRS-compatible top. The AHRS top makes room for the Open Flight Solutions AHRS board. Check the check-box at the top of this page to upgrade. Adds $14 to the cost.

Note: The case is custom built to hold the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, up to two NooElec NESDR Nano 2 modules, one VK-172 USB GSP module (optional), and a Edimax wifi adapter (only required for the Pi 2). Other configurations may not fit correctly in this case. You will need to source antennas (6" MCX male to SMA female) from NooElec, and antennas (Linx Technologies ANT-916-CW-HWR-SMA) from Digikey or Mouser.

Open Flight Solutions does not sell component parts other than the case.

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