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AHRS Upgrade Kit

AHRS Upgrade Kit

  • $ 3500
  • Save $ 125


 Give your FlightBox ADS-B some attitude. This kit upgrades a basic system (ADS-B and GPS) to a FlightBox Plus, adding attitude (AHRS) and altitude sensors.

The upgrade kit adds the following features:

  • Attitude (pitch / roll)
  • G-Force
  • Slip / Skid
  • Barometric (pressure) altitude
  • Vertical speed

The upgrade kit includes:

  • AHRS sensor board v3
  • Replacement cooling fan
  • Mounting hardware

Installation of the v3 upgrade is very simple and typically takes 5 - 10 minutes. Please see our installation video for a quick review of the process.

GPS Required: Note that you must have a GPS installed in your FlightBox system for the attitude feature to work properly. If your FlightBox does not have a GPS - either our Remote USB GPS or an Internal USB GPS - you can add one using the option button above.

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