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Falken Thermoelectric Cooler Upgrade

Falken Thermoelectric Cooler Upgrade

  • $ 175


The Falken TEC, an upgrade option for our FlightDock iPad mount, is an advanced thermoelectric cooling system designed specifically for iPads in aviation. It utilizes a Peltier junction and the thermoelectric effect to efficiently transfer heat from the iPad, ensuring optimal performance even in the most extreme temperatures.

Once installed, simply mount your iPad in the FlightDock and power it up. Within about 60 seconds, the device initiates the cooling process, chilling the cold plate and effectively removing excess heat from the iPad. The Falken TEC’s precise engineering guarantees that your iPad remains within its designated operating temperature range, regardless of the ambient conditions encountered in flight.

NOTE: This item is for retrofit into existing, installed FlightDock mounts. Customers ordering a new FlightDock mount can upgrade the cooling system to the Falken TEC at a discount by selecting the Advanced cooling option.

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