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FlightBox Pro: Dual-band ADS-B, WAAS GPS, AHRS, Altimeter

  • $ 895


The FlightBox Pro ADS-B / GPS / AHRS system provides weather, traffic, position, barometric altitude, and attitude information to EFB applications on your tablet or smartphone. FlightBox Pro is the first multi-function receiver approved for permanent installation in type certificated aircraft. Permanent installation is more convenient, reduces clutter in the cockpit, improves ADS-B and GPS reception, and provides more accurate AHRS and G-meter functionality.

Pair FlightBox Pro with Falken's FlightDock or FlightDock mini mount and your favorite EFB app to create a powerful MFD for the fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

New In Version 3

FlightBox Pro v3 is a complete redesign with a more powerful processor and dual-band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) Wifi. v3 replaces the plastic enclosure with a milled aluminum chassis, allowing for fan-less operation. It also adds Ethernet connectivity, allowing for hard-wired connections to tablets (using an Ethernet to USB-C adapter) and networks. 

Dual-Band ADS-B

FlightBox Pro includes a two ADS-B receivers, one for each of the two frequencies used for ADS-B. This allows FlightBox Pro to receive the full set of traffic and weather data.

ADS-B Features:

  • FIS-B Weather:
    • METARs
    • TAFs
    • AIRMETs
    • SIGMETs
    • PIREPs
    • Winds / temps aloft
  • FIS-B Data:
    • TFRs
    • NOTAMs
    • Special use airspace updates
  • Traffic:
    • Direct traffic from 1090-ES equipped aircraft
    • Direct traffic from UAT equipped aircraft
    • Rebroadcast TIS-B radar traffic from FAA ground towers
    • Rebroadcast ADS-R traffic from FAA ground towers

FlightBox Pro is an ADS-B Receiver and does not provide ADS-B Out services required for the 2020 mandate.  


The built-in WAAS GPS provides precise position data to your EFB application. With the dash-mount antenna the GPS fix is typically 5 - 3 meters. With a dorsal mount external antenna the fix can be as precise as 1 meter.

The GPS generates updates at 10 Hz (10 per second) which is twice as frequent as the FAA requirement for official WAAS position sources.  GPS data includes:

  • Latitude / Longitude
  • GPS Altitude
  • Ground Speed
  • Ground Track
  • Horizontal Accuracy
  • Vertical Accuracy
  • Satellite Visibility 


The built in attitude sensors in FlightBox Pro provide inertial data which your EFB application can use to drive a virtual attitude indicator or synthetic vision display. AHRS data includes:

  • Pitch
  • Roll
  • Slip / Skid
  • G force
  • Rate of turn

Barometric Altimeter

The onboard barometric altimeter provides cabin altitude data to your EFB application. This can be used as a backup altitude source. In pressurized aircraft, the data can be used to provide alerts / alarms in the event of a depressurization.

Compatible EFB Applications

FlightBox has been tested with the following applications:

Aerovie iOS

Avare Android

AvNav Android

AvPlan EFB iOS & Android

Droid EFB Android

FltPlan Go iOS, Android, Windows


ForeFlight iOS

iFlightPlanner iOS

iFly GPS Apps, 740, 720, 520 iOS, Android, HW

OzRunways iOS

Naviator Android

SkyDemon iOS, Android, Windows

True Flight Cheetah FlightPad Windows

WingX Pro for iOS iOS

One Year Warranty

FlightBox Pro systems come with a one year warranty and one year of technical support.

In The Box

Each FlightBox Pro package includes:

  • FlightBox Pro v3 Receiver (FBPv3)
  • DB-9 power connector kit
  • Dash-mount USB GPS receiver

Note that ADS-B antennas are sold separately. See below for details.

GPS Receiver

The FlightBox Pro system includes a WAAS GPS receiver module on a 5' USB cable. The GPS receiver is typically mounted on the glare shield, but may be located anywhere in the aircraft with a reasonably unobstructed view of the sky (i.e. in a window, under a turtle-deck skylight, etc.). 

ADS-B Antennas

FlightBox Pro can be used with either in-cabin or belly-mounted ADS-B antennas. You will need to select one of the following options when adding the FlightBox Pro to your cart.

In-Cabin ADS-B Antenna Kit

The in-cabin option allows a set of ADS-B antennas to be temporarily mounted in a window. The kit includes a pair of 1/2 wave rubber duck-style antennas, a mounting bracket, and a set of 5' SMA extension cables. (See our "Remote ADS-B Antenna Mount Kit" for details.)

The in-cabin antenna kit is $75.00 USD.

Belly-Mount ADS-B Antenna Kit

The belly-mount kit is intended for permanent installation. It includes a single TED L-Band ADS-B antenna, a 1090 MHz / 978 MHz splitter with SAW filter, SMA pigtail cables to connect the filter to the FlightBox Pro, and a BNC female to SMA male adapter.

The installer will need to provide an RG58 or RG400 coax cable to run between the antenna and the splitter. The cable should have either BNC male connectors at either end or BNC male at one end and SMA male at the other. Pre-made cables in various lengths can be sourced from Amazon or any avionics shop.

The belly-mount antenna kit is $100.00 USD.

No ADS-B Antennas

If you opt to source your own ADS-B antennas, you can select "No ADS-B Antennas" option.


FlightBox Pro requires mounting, connection to ship's power (12v - 28v), and connection to internally or externally mounted ADS-B and GPS antennas.

FlightBox Pro requires its own 2 amp circuit protective device - either a fuse or a circuit breaker. The installation should be conducted in accordance with standard practices for avionics.

* GPS, AHRS, and altitude functions are for advisory / situational awareness purposes only. FlightBox Pro may not be used to replace any primary or required instrument, and may not be used as your primary means of navigation for IFR operations.

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