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AHRS Upgrade For FlightBox

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Add some attitude to your FlightBox. This upgrade kit includes our new AHRS / GPS / Altitude add-on circuit board incorporates along with a new case top and fan. The AHRS upgrade kit adds:

  • Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
    • InvenSense MPU-9250 IMU
    • 9 DOF Integrated Motion Sensor
      • 3 DOF accelerometer
      • 3 DOF gyroscope
      • 3 DOF compass
    • High gain internal GPS antenna
    • powered antenna port for internal and external remote antennas
    • Tracks up to 20 GPS / WAAS / GLONASS satellites
    • U-Blox MAX-M8 chipset
    • 10 Hz update rate
    • dual system (GPS /GLONASS) support
  • High precision barometric altimeter
    • Bosch Sensortech BMP280
    • +/- 1 meter (3') accuracy
    • > 10 Hz update rate
  • System status indicator LEDs
    • Power
    • GPS lock
    • ADS-B tower lock
  • Variable-speed fan controller
    • Keeps CPU and ADS-B receivers cooler
    • Saves battery power
  • New FlightBox case top with status lights
  • New variable-speed cooling fan


We currently offer two optional add-ons for the AHRS upgrade:

  • Powered remote GPS antenna
    • Internal - mounts on the glare shield or in a window
    • Includes:
      • Powered antenna with 10' cable
  • Replacement data card - comes pre-loaded with a version of the FlightBox firmware that adds support for the AHRS board. (Optional - you may also update your card using the web interface update method or by downloading an image file and re-imaging the card yourself.)

    You can select either / both of these options by checking the associated box at the top of this listing.


    Installation is simple. The AHRS board connects to the 40-pin expansion header on the FlightBox motherboard. The FlightBox software automatically detects the onboard sensors. (A software update will be required to use the AHRS and barometric altimeter features.) Simply remove and discard the original top, plug in the AHRS board, connect the fan and optionally the external GPS pigtail.

    See our installation tutorial video for details.


    Q) I already have a GPS (either the remote USB GPS or the VK-172 USB GPS module) in my FlightBox. Why do I need another GPS?

    A) The AHRS algorithm uses a combination of inertial sensors and GPS data to estimate attitude. Including a high precision GPS sensor on the board was the most cost effective way to build a solution that works for every FlightBox installation. The new GPS is more precise and reliable than the VK-172, and more convenient than the remote GPS.

    Q) What sort of calibration is required to use the AHRS feature?

    A) Manual calibration is not required but can improve accuracy. The calibration procedure is similar to the compass calibration process for tablets and smartphones. You will turn the unit several times on each axis, allowing it to create a map of local magnetic fields.

    Q) Will this work with the experimental AHRS feature that has been included in the Stratux software since 2015?

    A) No. The AHRS board includes a significantly improved set of sensors which use different drivers. A FlightBox update, released when the AHRS boards begin shipping, will add the necessary driver software.

    Q) Will this AHRS board work with every EFB application that has attitude and/or synthetic vision features?

    A) No. It will work with most EFB applications that have attitude or synthetic vision. One notable exception is ForeFlight, which uses a proprietary protocol for AHRS. We hope to be able to support ForeFlight at some point in the future. In the meantime we will be updating the FlightBox iOS application to include an attitude display feature.

    For more information, please see the All About AHRS page on our website.


    NOTE: The AHRS features of FlightBox will not currently work with the synthetic vision feature of ForeFlight. GPS and barometric altitude both work as expected. The FlightBox AHRS feature will work with the attitude and synthetic vision features in other EFB applications. 

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